The Psychic Gap and NSA’s Database of Psychics

Three documents, two of which don’t appear to have been published before, offer new insights into the American psychic spy programs. These documents claim specific successes by both the American and Russian/Soviet programs, as well as outline fears of the “psychic gap” along with predictions of coming psychic warfare between the two national superpowers. One document specifically calls for the creation of cadres of government psychics and a database of psychics around the world, complete with indexes of their abilities.

Successful psychic operations and an assassination program

The first document was produced by the 902nd Military Intelligence group, and it outlines the history of the American and Russian/Soviet psychic programs. According to the document, the Soviet programs had been active since at least the 1960s. As a result of their programs, the the Soviets had “experience with a greater variety of research methods than have their US counterparts and have completed more of the critical experiments.” This led the report’s writer to conclude that, since the United States had successfully used these techniques for offensive intelligence collection, then the Soviet’s likely had as well.


The claim that parapsychological/psychic techniques had been successfully used by CIA for offensive intelligence collection was repeated further down in the document, with an additional surprising claim. Not only had the programs been successful, but they had been officially disbanded after the Agency’s primary “gifted individual” died and the the department in charge of the program had been disbanded in the wake of alleged assassination plots.


Despite the Agency’s program having been officially disbanded, some within DoD apparently suspected that the Agency was continuing the program “on an ‘unofficial’ basis.”


NSA’s Guidelines on Psychics

The second document appears to have come from the NSA, based on the heading and the document ID code. The document calls for a number of steps to be taken, including identifying the potential for mind control.


Once the individuals had been identified, the Agency wanted to create “cadre’s of talented synergized gifted people … for special problem solving tests.” However, the NSA was afraid that these people could be hard to control “Consciousless [sic] or morbid people of talent must be strictly screened out of active programs because of the danger of severe mental illness and unscrupulous violation of security.” Beyond personnel available to the NSA, the Agency wanted to build a database of psychics around the world.


Psychic Mind Control and Psychic Warfare Predictions

The NSA’s interest in psychic mind control wasn’t simply a one-time suggestion. These documents, produced by the government after MKULTRA had been shut down and all mind control programs had been disavowed, show the government’s continued interest in researching mind control techniques, no matter how esoteric they seemed.


The document (produced in 1981) made a number of predictions about the development of psychic warfare, including that subconscious mind control through telepathy would be possible “by 1990.” The report concluded grimly that “there is no known countermeasure to prevent such applications.”



I will leave you with one concluding thought to keep these documents (and the idea of government psychics) in context, from Aleister Crowley.

By doing certain things certain results will follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophic validity to any of them.

You can read the full documents below:



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