Question: What is this website?
Answer: Glomar Disclosure explores original news and analysis related to disclosures, disclosure efforts and efforts to undermine disclosures.

Question: Where does the name Glomar Disclosure come from?
Answer: The term Glomar response (aka Glomarization or Glomar denial) refers to a “neither confirm nor deny” (NCND) response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Glomar responses are used in national security contexts, where to deny a request on security grounds would provide information that the documents or programs which the requester is seeking indeed exist, and in the interest of privacy when a response as to whether or not a person is or is not mentioned in law enforcement files may have a stigmatizing connotation. The Glomar response was named after the Glomar Explorer, a ship commissioned and used by CIA in the recovery of a downed Soviet submarine.

Question: Who are you?
Answer: My name is Michael Best, and I’m a writer and analyst who believes strongly in transparency and reforming the Intelligence Community by fixing it rather than gutting or inflating its budget. I have training in counterintelligence and have learned from current and former personnel from CIA, DIA, NSA, etc., but I’ve never worked for the government. The spinal surgery I had several years ago precludes me from serving in the military, and as a result of my history of making friends with dissidents and using medical marijuana, it’s unlikely that I could get a security clearance with the current regulations.

Question: Are you affiliated with MuckRock?
Answer: I’m a very enthusiastic user of MuckRock and encourage everyone to use it. I contribute to MuckRock projects whenever I’m able, and MuckRock has been kind enough to host some of my projects and collaborate with me.

Question: Are you affiliated with WikiLeaks?
Answer: I have a relationship with WikiLeaks, as sometimes seen on Twitter, however I am not a staff member or representative of the organization. It is the group’s general policy not to comment on their relationship with members of the public, volunteers, internal communications or the details of communications with the group. Nevertheless, it should be clear that WikiLeaks does not contribute to or necessarily endorse this website, and this website does not necessarily reflect the views of WikiLeaks staffers, volunteers, Embassy Cat or Mendax.

Question: Are you affiliated with XYZ?
Answer: Probably not.